Don't piss off the Gnomes

Welcome to the Garden

Figuring out this gardening business in the PNW.


Welcome to Gnomeshire! A few years ago I started gardening and I knew a whole lot of nothing. So I read, I researched, I went to the university of YouTube, I talked to whomever was willing to impart their gardening wisdom upon me, and I gathered as much information as possible. But the one thing I noticed is I couldn’t find one place that had all that information together. So Gnomeshire is about putting all I have learned in one place and taking you along for the ride as I transform my horrible backyard into the garden of my dreams. There will be swearing involved, sorry.

I really feel like I know so little in the PNW gardening world so if you think I have left something out or would like to pass on your wisdom to me leave comments! I always love more knowledge.